About Our Classes - Prices

Every one who attends one of our classes receives -

  • A fun, effective exercise class lasting for 1 hour, including a toning section at all classes.

Pay Per Class

Low Impact Aerobics - Exercise Only

Exercise & Use of self service scales

£6.00 per Class

£7.00 per Class

Fitness Pilates and Trigger Point Pilates

Sit and Strengthen

£8.00 per Class

£5.00 per Class

I haven't exercised since I was at school?

Here at Fit & Fun that doesn't matter. We will have a chat, discuss your worries and make sure your exercises are right FOR YOU.

I hate the thought of a gym, how are you different?

We pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly and non-intimidating class, our members are all just like you and our retention level is high because  our classes are unique and alsmost like a boutique feel rather than a gym.

We are a social lot, many of our members come for the friendship and meet for a coffee together after their class has ended.